Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Review Guidecraft G98040 Moon amp Stars Media Carousel, Very good

A few days ago. I'm looking for information on the Guidecraft G98040 Moon amp Stars Media Carousel, so i have to tell.

Guidecraft G98040 Moon amp Stars Media

Great For Easy Access Media Storage Use this media storage solution in the bedroom classroom or entertainment area to store books videos CD's and DVD's. Colorful and sturdy this handy unit rotates on its base to provide easy access to each storage area.. Read more or Check Price

The opinions of the customers who bought this item

Very good good loooking my three year old loves soon. "Suitable for many books and DVDs""Adatto a molti libri e dvd""""""it""Suitable for many"1truefalse832030"books and DVDs"2truefalse819360"Adatto a molti"1"Suitable for many"832truefalse"Blends with many"0truefalse"Suitable for several"0truefalse014"Adatto a molti libri e dvd""libri e dvd"2"books and DVDs"819truefalse"Books u0026 DVD"0truefalse"Books and Dvd"0truefalse1526"""Adatto a molti libri e DVD"6"it"53. Solid and easy to put together. by ewa jaskot

I 'm giving it 5 stars for a multitude of reasons which do not normally post reviews unless I do not like an item or that you are hurt. by Anh T Meadows

looks even better than the pictures shows.holds lot of books and DVDs etc.I love it my 3 year old son like it very much by Yang Chen

Easy to put together following the instructions. It is a lovely design and color. My toddler loves the stars and moons on it. by LFerr


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